Intuitive Analytics
Data is ubiquitous. The vast majority of this data now provides nothing more than a sophisticated but deafening ‘background noise’. Rather than helping facilitate decision-making, this level of data distraction can hinder effective judgements.

Using IDM's Intuitive Analytics Platform, you can follow your train of thought and seamlessly explore multiple avenues of analysis, quickly peeling away the layers of data distraction to highlight the real drivers behind business performance indicators.
Multiple Streams, Single View

Data exists across multiple departments, in multiple systems with differing technical infrastructures and numerous formats, all of which conspire to make the process of extracting value technically complex.

IDM's Intuitive Analytics Platform allows you to seamlessly weave different strands of data from multiple sources into a single view, building up a crystal clear picture of business opportunities and issues. Our intuitive analytics fully harnesses both the hard data available within your business and your natural instincts.
The expertise of our Management Team dates back to 1991 when we pioneered the use of exploratory analytics solutions with some of the largest and most forward thinking organisations in Europe, from Retail to Government; Financial Services to Telecoms. As ‘Data Warehousing’, ‘Data Mining’ and more recently ‘Big Data’ have become popular, we have constantly been honing our expertise in analytic techniques and at IDM, we have poured that expertise into the development of a new type of analytic platform.
The most challenging aspect of data is not just the huge quantity or complexity of information but the perceived difficulty in dealing with it; scaling the daunting cliff of data often requires specialist IT expertise which can limit the value gained.

IDM's Intuitive Analytics Platform breaks down the barriers of technical knowledge, freeing the link between IT knowledge and data manipulation with strong visualisation techniques such as our powerful Link Node Analysis (a human-friendly way of pinpointing data patterns), our flexible charts and our live reports with smart exceptions.
An Operational Platform

Uncovering hidden trends and patterns is only half the job, it’s just as important to be able to constantly monitor and quantify such trends.

IDM's Intuitive Analytics Platform is a fully operational solution containing powerful workflow capabilities, delivering rapid and automated analysis, along with easy to understand dashboards that allow the distribution of actionable information to a wider audience. This all adds up to significant increases in analytic effectiveness.

About IDM Software

Specialists in Business Analytics and Big Data, our Intuitive Analytics platform will help you unlock the hidden value in your data through our innovative 'Train of Thought' technique.

Our complete analytic platform allows business users to have total freedom to monetise data, delivering competitive advantage through increased margin, effectiveness and customer insight.